October, 25, 2016

Successfully Secure Your Irish Pension

Successfully Secure Your Irish Pension

After the problems that Irish pensions have faced over the last few years with rising deficits, levies and broken promises, it is a great relief to some of our clients that we have been able to successfully secure their Irish pensions into International pensions that bear no levy.

The main benefits of transferring your pension are that it ensures:

  • Protection against the Irish Pension Levy
  • Greater control of your investment
  • Greater security for your family
  • Higher death benefits

For help in securing your Irish pension contact:

Clive Skane-Davis
Director Pensions & Investments

E-mail: cskanedavis@swissglobalconsulting.com
Mob: +41 (0) 79 891 51 34

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Successfully Secure Your Irish Pension

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